Thursday, May 19, 2022

Medical Morning

After the cancer scare with the toe on my right foot last month, I am on the way this hour back to the podiatrist. This is the one month follow-up as he had concerns and wants to recheck both feet. It is a bit of a drive --45 minutes one way--and not one I want to do at all. Doc and staff are great. I just don't feel like peopling or dealing with the traffic. 

Hopefully, not long after noon I will be back home and inside where I belong. The heat continues to fry things here and we are supposed to hit 100. Then there is the smoke in the air on top of the ongoing pollen and air pollution problems. The outside is not good for yours truly so there is that issue too.

Blah. If we just had the Federation's transporter technology.....  


Jerry House said...

Wish you well.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thanks, Jerry. It went pretty well.