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Review: Dangerous Consequences: A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery by Claire Booth


As Dangerous Consequences: A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery by Claire Booth begins, the ripple effects of the recent termination of several deputies, continue. New staff is being brought in while some of the still employed old guard continue to work from within against Sheriff Hank Worth and Chief Deputy Sheila Turley. The rot within the department still lingers, but getting rid of the rest of the folks who need to go is not going to be easy.

A far more immediate issue is the recent spate of emergency cases in the local hospital. Sheriff Worth’s wife, Maggie McCleary, is a doctor and personally knows of a couple situations that troubled her. She did some quiet investigating on her own and identified at least ten cases of elderly patients who have to be treated in the last month for dehydration and other issues. All were tourists. All were part of various tour groups. Whether it is all a massive coincidence or something the Sheriff’s department as well as Branson City Police Department should be looking at, she does not know. She does now something is not right and she is worried.

So, she brought what has been happening to her husband. Like those of us who were lucky to have been married to a very smart women and caring woman, Sheriff Worth knows Maggie is almost never wrong. If she believes something is going on, it most certainly is happening. The real question is why it is happening, who is involved besides the elderly victims, and how to stop it before more are imperiled and somebody dies.

These storylines and others combine into another excellent installment with Dangerous Consequences. A Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery by Claire Booth. As in the preceding books, ongoing character development and storyline arcs  continue, so it is best to have read the preceding books. Mystery, action, and the occasional laugh out loud funny moment make this read, and the series, one of my favorites. Highly recommended.


The series in order and my reviews:

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A Deadly Turn (March 2019)

Fatal Divisions (January 2021)


My reading copy came from the author with no expectation of a review. For another take on the book, make sure you check out Lesa Holstine's review


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