Monday, July 25, 2022

Dallas Fires

As some folks have reached out, please know we are fine, and nowhere near the fires. The wildfire that took out homes shown on television everywhere this afternoon and evening was down in Balch Springs. Southeastern part of the area. We are in the far NE side of Dallas. 

We had small wildfires here nearby and are safe from them as well tonight. 

We also were nowhere near Love Field Airport today which ABC National News described as being outside the city limits. Nope. I think they got Love Field mixed up with DFW. Just pathetically wrong on that and several other things in their reporting on that story. Once again makes me wonder what else was wrong on stories in other places.

Anyway, we are okay and pretty much the same as always. Taking precautions for the heat and the rising Covid case count as well as the worsening monkeypox deal. Both Scott and I are missing Sandi a lot right now. It comes in waves and this is one of those big waves times. Reading a lot and trying to stay cool. 

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