Monday, October 14, 2013


I can always tell when another person has hung out a shingle and announced that they will only charge you x amount to contact the top whatever number Amazon reviewers in your genre. Suddenly, I start getting hammered with over 100 review requests a day ---many of which are duplicated and sent again and again. Almost always it is a book that if the person had bothered to read my blog they would know it isn't something I would have read and reviewed.

Thanks to a recent post on the The Passive Voice here I saw a piece at The Writer Shack on what to do and not do regarding review requests. I agree with much of the post that can be found here.

Just a reminder, I remain closed to nearly everything except those books that fit my Senior News newspaper column and authors I have reviewed before. 


Randy Johnson said...

I get them too. Authors wanting me to review their finance books is a big one. What do I know about finance that I could give a qualified review?

Kevin R. Tipple said...

What is up with that??? I have gotten about ten requests for finance books in the last week.

My favorite query of recent memory was the one I got for an erotic vampire series. She was bitten by her time travel love who has been detained in another dimension so he is not around to monitor her behavior or guide her in her new powers. She becomes a high priced escort involved with movers and shakers in Washington while desperately trying to get help to bring her vampire lover home. Supposedly each book of the ten book series is plotted out and expected to be 150 thousand words plus.