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Crime Review Update-- New issue of Crime Review

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In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Conor Fitzgerald in the Countdown interview
hot seat.
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This week’s reviews are:
Werner, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A sumptuously illustrated and authoritative tour into the world of Sherlock
Holmes to accompany the Museum of London’s exhibition.

GODS OF WAR by James Lovegrove, reviewed by John Cleal
Watson is re-united with Holmes on a rare visit to his retirement home and
the pair plunge into a whirlpool of ambition, obsession and murder when
Holmes is engaged by a powerful industrialist to prove his son’s death was
a suicide.

MORIARTY by Anthony Horowitz, reviewed by Maddy Marsh
After the tragic happenings at Reichenbach Falls, two detectives join
forces to ensure the void left by Sherlock Holmes in London is filled, and
the one left by Moriarty is not.

A MONSTROUS REGIMENT OF WOMEN by Laurie R King, reviewed by John Cleal
Mary Russell comes of age. In London she meets an old university friend who
introduces her to a charitable women’s organisation run by the charismatic
Margery Childe. But when several of its wealthier members are murdered,
Mary’s involvement becomes her first solo investigation – with a little
help from her mentor Sherlock Holmes.

YOUNG SHERLOCK: STONE COLD by Andrew Lane, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Sherlock has been sent to Oxford to catch up on his studies but, along with
his friend Matty, they’re soon caught up in a mystery involving missing
body parts.

FRIENDS TO DIE FOR by Hilary Bonner, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A group of friends meet every Sunday in a Covent Garden restaurant. But
their lives are turned upside down when some seemingly minor pranks turn
very nasty.

THE DANCER AT THE GAI-MOULIN by Georges Simenon, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Two boys, attempting to burgle a Liege nightclub, find a body on the
premises and flee. When, a day or so later, the body turns up in the
botanical gardens the boys and the nightclub staff come under suspicion.

THE COMPETITION by Marcia Clark, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A high school shooting with multiple fatalities looks to have ended with
the suicide of the two perpetrators, but it soon becomes clear that those
responsible are still alive, and planning further outrages.

CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE by Owen Laukkanen, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Carter Tomlin is a man driven to bank robbery when he loses his job, but
finds it a thrill and his ambition soon becomes overwhelming.

TIGHT-LIPPED by David Barrie, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Jean-Jacques Marsay and his wife Carine Dufour live a life that many in
Paris envy, but their seemingly charmed existence is darkened when a woman
close to them is murdered.

PLAGUE LAND by SD Sykes, reviewed by John Cleal
Monastery-raised teenager Oswald de Lacy, lord of the manor after the
plague deaths of his father and brothers, must battle greed and
superstition to solve the brutal murder of a young girl.

THE KEEPER by John Lescroart, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When a wife goes missing, her husband looks like the prime suspect.
Investigator Abe Glitsky sets out to prove otherwise.

INDELIBLE by Peter Helton, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Artist and reluctant PI Chris Honeysett finds that organising an exhibition
at an eccentric art college isn’t as safe as it might appear.

WARLORD’S GOLD by Michael Arnold, reviewed by John Cleal
Captain Innocent Stryker is dispatched to the Scilly Isles in search of
treasure hidden by a Royalist supporter.

BRICKS AND MORTALITY by Ann Granger, reviewed by Jude Evans
A dead body is found in a burned-out Cotswold manor house. Is it accident
or murder?

WANTED by Emlyn Rees, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Danny Shanklin is still on the run, falsely accused of a massacre outside a
London hotel. He has to track down the people who framed him, as well
preventing a disaster of even greater proportions.

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