Saturday, December 20, 2014

Free Book Alert--- "The Surest Poison" by Chester Campbell

As posted elsewhere this evening.....

The first book in my Sid Chance mystery series, The Surest Poison, is FREE for the Kindle through Monday, Dec. 22. Currently it's ranked #1 in the top 100 free books. Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine editor, wrote this in his review of the book:

"Chester Campbell’s latest, THE SUREST POISON, introduces a new character, PI Sid Chance and his side kick Jaz LeMieux...Chance is a great character, 59 years old, Viet Nam vet, ex cop and relentless. Campbell’s work here is his best yet and the book has a natural rhythm that moves the story along at a nice pace. The people who populate the book are realistic and nothing feels forced, it's as if Campbell is just telling their story without embellishing, which I found refreshing. A top rate mystery by a gem of a writer."

You can get it at

Chester Campbell

My 2009 review is here.


Maddy said...

Thank you. I'll be hard pressed to read this over the next few days, but maybe in the lull between the 25th and the New Year.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

We shall not talk about how many books I have in my TBR pile. :)))