Monday, December 29, 2014


You would not know it to look at me now, but I used to be quite the outdoorsy type. Daylight hours as a kid were spent outside. As an adult I spent as much time as possible outdoors where I hiked, fished, and did lots of other things. If I wasn’t trapped inside working or sleeping, I was pretty much outside year around. One of the real hard aspects of being sick with whatever the heck it is I have is the fact that my mobility is totally gone. It takes a lot of pain and effort simply to go drag myself out on our porch. How much longer we can hang in here is anyone’s guess, but I am really going to miss the creek and its creatures.
One of my recent writing projects for the Tapir and FriendsAnimal Store was on Salamanders. I mention in the piece how scientists are researching how they can regrow their tails and more after sustaining an injury. I have also seen other things in recent days that indicate they may have some ability to help control pain. Either one would be very cool for many folks including people like me.

Considering they date back at least 164 million years ago and there are approximately 655 living species of them, I just scratched the surface with what I wrote here. Hope you check it out. Share it with your kids as I kept my off the wall humor out of this piece. Therefore, it is totally 100 percent family friendly and is safe to use in classrooms.

The keychain is also very cool.

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