Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Still Holiday Shopping?

In case you are, I ask that you think about a couple of things.....

If you are buying at Amazon please consider going through the blog here to do your shopping at Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate and that means I receive a few pennies on each sale. Those small amounts don't affect your price or bill at all. They do add up for me and when I cash out I can buy the occasional book for me along with medical supplies for Sandi.

And, speaking of my better half, in addition to what she has available online at Tapir and Friends Animal Store Sandi still has her iOffer store should you be looking for a homemade teddy bear, walker caddy, chemo hat or something else with a personal touch. This is most likely the last holiday season her iOffer store will be available. As always, sales go to pay something towards her mounting cancer bills as there is much her insurance refuses to cover despite our appeals.

Thank you!

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