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New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This timeit’s author Dave Shelton in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

SNAP by Belinda Bauer, reviewed by Linda Wilson

DCI John Marvel wants to investigate murders not burglaries, so when a cold case gets on his radar, he’s prepared to break a few rules in pursuit of the truth.

GHOST by James Swallow, reviewed by John Cleal

Marc Dane and his partner, ex-Delta Force sniper Lucy Keyes, must call on all their skills to track down a worldwide series of devastating cyber-attacks.

EXCELLENT INTENTIONS by Richard Hull, reviewed by Chris Roberts

When the disagreeable Henry Cargate is poisoned, an accusation of murder is brought against one of four people in a position to have committed the crime.

THE ICE SWIMMER by Kjell Ola Dahl, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

When a man’s body is discovered in the freeing waters of Oslo harbour, city detectives Gunnarstanda and Stigersand face a very complicated case, leading them into the murky world of political secrets.

WHERE THE WORLD ENDS by Geraldine McCaughrean, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Every year a small group of men and boys visit a wind-swept sea stac to harvest the nesting sea birds, but this year the boat fails to return for them.

PERFECT MATCH by DB Thorne, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Soloman’s sister is in a coma, and he knows this was no accident. But the police don’t believe him. Or don’t want to.

AN ECHO OF MURDER by Anne Perry, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan

A Hungarian man living and working near the Thames, is found brutally murdered. Commander Monk is on the trail of the culprit.

THE RECKONING by James McGee, reviewed by John Cleal

Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood’s investigation of a prostitute’s death leads him into a world of espionage – and dangeR.

BABY BLUE by Pol Koutsakis, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Stratos Gazis’ friend Angelino has taken charge of Emma, a talented blind girl, who is bitter at the murder of the man who protected her. Stratos gets the job of finding the killer.

THE STORY KEEPER by Anna Mazzola, reviewed by John Barnbrook

Audrey Hart leaves London and her unhappy family home to work as a researcher of folk tales with the solitary Miss Buchanan in her fading stately home on Skye. She is drawn into the investigation of several missing girls, whose disappearance is treated with superstitious dread by the locals.

OUR KIND OF CRUELTY by Araminta Hall, reviewed by Nicola Hodges

Mike and Verity have a long-term sexually charged relationship that sometimes involves playing a game called Crave. This game seems to continue after they part, a murder takes place and their lives are catapulted onto a
trajectory of destruction.

ROBERT B PARKER’S LITTLE WHITE LIES by Ace Atkins, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Spenser is on the trail of a conman who doesn’t want to be found.

THE LAST HOUR by Harry Sidebottom, reviewed by John Cleal

Marcus Clodius Ballista, the Romanised Angle princeling, uncovers a plot to assassinate the Emperor Gallenius, but has just 24 hours to warn his friend.

MARKED FOR REVENGE by Emelie Schepp, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Public prosecutor Jana Berzelius needs to deal with the case of a Thai girl who died on a train while smuggling heroin capsules in her stomach, as well as trying to protect her own old identity. She fears that a notorious
criminal Danilo will uncover her past.

A BRUSH WITH DEATH, by Ali Carter, reviewed by John Cleal

Artist Susie Mahl is a guest at the country seat of the Earl of Greengrass when her host is murdered in the parish churchyard. With the local police baffled, she applies her eye for detail and her natural inquisitiveness to
uncover the killer.

TO DIE IN VIENNA by Kevin Wignall, reviewed by Arnold Tyalor

Ex-secret service operative Freddie Makin has been given the task of watching a computer science teacher and submitting daily reports. Then an attempt is made on Freddie’s life.

THE ANOMALY by Michael Rutger, reviewed by Linda Wilson

A TV film crew are on the hunt for a mysterious cavern in the Grand Canyon that has remained tantalisingly elusive for over a century.

A DATE WITH MYSTER by Julia Chapman, reviewed by John Cleal

Private eye Samson O’Brien and dating agency boss Delilah Metcalfe are reunited in what seems a simple case which uncovers secrets some would far rather stayed buried.

BLUFF by Michael Kardos, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Young magician Natalie Webb is down on her luck and persuaded to use her skills in a bent poker game. However, things don’t go according to plan.

MURDERS.COM by Margaret Duffy, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler

Crime-fighting duo Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard are hoping for a quieter life when he takes a desk job. But the discovery of a badly-beaten Met Police cop in a Somerset field puts paid to that.

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