Friday, August 17, 2018

End of an Era

With the help of my brother who is in town for a visit and his truck (which once was my Dad's), and with another assist by Scott Tipple, the last of what was in storage was cleared out today and brought here to the house. I signed the paperwork vacating the place as my brother and my son loaded up. So ends a twenty year plus storage run at what is now called Life Storage out in Plano at Plano Parkway and Coit. End of an era. Upsetting to a certain extent as the last of Sandi's stuff in storage came here. We always were going to clean it out and end the deal, but it has been so much harder to deal with in the wake of everything that happened. At least, it is now done. The staff was always great with us and the same was true today as I said goodbye as they knew Sandi well and miss her almost as much as I do.


Carol N Wong said...

When we moved, we had to give up a lot of stuff, but no I am glad that we don't to drag it all around when we move again. It is painful but maybe someone will love having some of it, I remember when a manager cleaned out her garage and she gave me all her embroidery. I had not embroidered for years but I had a lot of fun with it and still have a lot of the thread. Is there anyone who would like some of her stuff? It is less painful if you know that person receiving it might be more happy for it.

Terry W. Ervin II said...

I can sort of identify. My brother and I have been working to clean out my mothers house (it was our childhood home) so it could be sold. That took a year. We each live a distance from Toledo. Much went into storage, which we have spent another year sorting through. We are getting close to finishing up. A lot of memories.