Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Review: Rabid: A Story by Paul Doiron

As Rabid: A Story by Paul Doiron begins; retired Game Warden Charles Stevens is riding with Game Warden Mike Bowditch as he has done most of this June day. It is now early evening and finally the old game warden is going to explain why he put a large brown package in the bed of the patrol truck that morning. Mike Bowditch never asked him about the package as he knew that when his longtime friend would talk about it when he was ready.

While this particular story takes place several years ago when Mike Bowditch was stationed “Down East” the actual events that Charlie tells and later is explained in further depth by Charlie’s wife, Ora, happened decades ago. It is a situation that has long haunted both Charlie and his wife and one that is very hard for them to talk about even today.

Author Paul Doiron has incredible story telling skills as first showcased in The Poacher’s Son which begun the Mike Bowditch Mysteries series.  He is at his peak performance in this intense and captivating short story. A tale that is incredibly intense and weighty despite is length as it has the impact of a novel. There is quite a lot packed into the sixty-two page read. Rabid: A Story is one of those reads that can be savored by those of us who have been onboard since the beginning as well as by readers who know nothing about this great series. Paul Doiron is one of those talented authors who, for whatever reason, do not get the national recognition he so richly deserves. Rabid : A Story is a very good read and one that is worthy of your time and your attention.  

Rabid: A Story
Paul Doiron
Minotaur Books
June 2018
eBook (also available in audio format)
62 Pages

While awaiting the next novel by way of the Dallas Library, I saw this come up on an ad and picked it up using funds in my Amazon Associate account.

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