Monday, August 20, 2018

The First Author Shirt

I recently posted on Facebook and here as well that I was available to wear a shirt promoting a book out in public as I go about my errands. I did this same sort of thing a couple or three years ago when we were going to Medical City Dallas Hospital and other places. While the hospital is no longer in play, there is still various grocery stores, the library, The University of Texas At Dallas, and other places.

I explained the shirt had to be a 5X. If folks were interested, I would send them my home address.

The only author that followed through on the project to this point is Marian Allen. Not only did she pay for two of her own shirts, she had a shirt featuring my book, Mind Slices, created as well. Earlier today, I wore the first shirt advertising her book, THE FALL OF ONAGROS: SAGE: BOOK ONE while at The University Of Texas At Dallas.

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