Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Toe Six Press Fundraiser at GoFundMe

From the fundraiser page at https://www.gofundme.com/toe-six-press....

The founders of Spinetingler Magazine and Snubnose Press are joining forces. Toe Six Press comes from the editorial team that has brought you original fiction from authors such as Allan Guthrie, Patricia Abbott, Chris F Holm, James Oswald, Anthony Rainone, JA Konrath, JT Ellison, JD Rhoades, Grant McKenzie, Seth Harwood, Nikki Dolson, Brian McGilloway, Erik Beetner, Tom Pitts, Sarah Weinman, Stephen Blackmoore, Steve Mosby, Karen Pullen, Russel D. McLean, Jan Christensen, Tony Black, Annette Dashofy, Albert Tucher, BJ Bourg, Mindy Tarquini and so many more.

Toe Six Press, started in 2018, currently publishes regular online issues that include author features, interviews and book reviews. Our intent is to continue with regular issues, while adding original fiction published online and in print.

Our goal is to expand Toe Six Press. Many of the ezines that helped start careers have shut down. Individuals lack time to maintain the sites and read submissions on a volunteer basis. Some new sites have a hard time attracting quality submissions due to a lack of funds to pay writers.

We want to ensure staff are available to maintain the site, review submissions, perform editing as needed and produce quality publications.

Our Assets:
We're building an audience and have a large social media platform we use to reach readers. Toe Six Press also has two experienced fiction editors and a website in place.

Our Plans:
We currently have stories secured for a launch anthology. These works include new original fiction from Allan Guthrie and more.

We have a manuscript that we intend to contract under our Blur by Toe Six Press line. Blur is intended to operate as an offshoot of Toe Six Press, allowing us to publish cross-genre works.

We intend to open to submissions for short fiction and publish short fiction online and in print regularly. Our plan is to commit to one year of online short fiction publication.

Some projects in discussion:

Wrestling Noir: Wrestling is on the rise. GLOW is on Netflix, Lucha Underground continues to explore the way wrestling story lines are told. We want your wrestling stories. The wrestling world is a broad canvas with a lot of space for different voices, different stories. Stories from in the ring, in the old territory days, in different regions, old wrestling stories and new ones. 

Rust Belt Noir: Some Rust Belt cities are dying off and others are changing. We want stories that take a look at rust belt cities, the people that inhabit them (then and now), and where they are heading.

Eco Noir: We're reaping the returns from all the damage mankind has done to the planet. Mother Nature is locked and loaded and ready to kick butt. This collection of environmental noir stories will be presented by Blur. 

Our Needs:
We need to raise funds to pay writers, editors and artists, as well as funds for artwork, promotion and website maintenance. 

The Bottom Line:
Retaining ownership of this venture and having it properly staffed is critical to the site's success. Self-funded projects are unsustainable in the long term. We have more than two dozen project options currently under discussion.  (Estimates suggest a year of operation with limited part-time staff would cost more than $20,000. The more money we raise, the more fiction we will publish.)

About Us:
Toe Six Press is brought to you by Brian Lindenmuth and Sandra Ruttan. Lindenmuth has years of experience from working with Spinetingler Magazine and Snubnose Press. Ruttan, a traditionally published author with a background in journalism and education, founded Spinetingler Magazine. Spinetingler was one of the most successful online ezines, which ran for 13 years. Lindenmuth and Ruttan are a formidable team who bring years of experience and passion for storytelling and professionalism to this project.

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