Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Day Four Post Surgery

After seeing something pop up on my gum on the right side of my jaw yesterday afternoon that got steadily bigger overnight and this morning, I would up in the oral surgeon's office this afternoon. Where there was some concern it was sepsis, it is not. Whether it is a new infection or a last gasp of the old one is is unknown. I am back on antibiotics and told to take things very easy.

I;m exhausted no matter how much I sleep and am in a fair amount of pain from my mouth. Simply put, I'm not in good shape right now. Hopefully the new antibiotic will stop this in its tracks. In the meantime, I'm told to keep taking the pain meds, rest, stay out of the Texas heat and humidity, and give the old body time to recover from the joy of booting six teeth last Friday.

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