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New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author Jane Harper in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

DEAD AT FIRST SIGHT by Peter James, reviewed by John Cleal

A woman’s apparent suicide leads Detective Superintendent Roy Grace into the world of internet romance scams – and a gang willing to kill anyone who threatens to expose them.

RUN AWAY by Harlan Coben, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When wealthy investment manager Simon Green sees his drug addict daughter busking in a park, all he wants is to bring her home. But she runs away, and Simon ends up in a fight with her boyfriend that goes viral on social media. And Paige doesn’t want to be found.

THE VAN APFEL GIRLS ARE GONE by Felicity McLean, reviewed by Chris Roberts

The disappearance of the three Van Apfel girls from their sleepy Australian suburb in 1992 has been a mystery which still haunts their friends 20 years later.

WHITE HOT SILENCE by Henry Porter, reviewed by John Cleal

Aid worker Anastasia Cristakos is kidnapped. Her billionaire husband hires ex-MI6 man Paul Sampson, her former lover, to find and free her.

WHERE NO SHADOWS FALL by Peter Ritchie, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Formerly a criminal investigator, Superintendent Grace Macallan is stuck behind a desk and, unable to stand it any longer, requests a transfer. It so happens that a notorious Glasgow gang member has apparently committed suicide whilst in prison. Grace is given the task of investigating the suicide and compiling a report.

NEVER HAVE I EVER by Joshilyn Jackson, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Amy has the perfect family and a quiet life. But her new neighbour’s nasty little game might just destroy that.

A SINNER’S PRAYER by MP Wright, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Against his better judgement, JT Ellington is lured back into the murky world of private investigation. But with a sizeable proportion of the bad guys in Bristol after him, even the resourceful JT might finally have met his match.

MARKED FOR DEATH by Tony Kent, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Barrister Michael Devlin and his partner Sarah Truman become very personally involved when a retired Chief Justice is found murdered in a spectacular fashion.

OUT OF THE ASHES by Vicky Newham, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When a fire turns out to be arson, DI Maya Rahman heads the investigation into two deaths, and strongly suspects there might be more to come.

THE SILVER ROAD by Stina Jackson, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

In a remote part of northern Sweden the lives of two people become intertwined. Lelle keeps searching for his teenage daughter Lina who had vanished without a trace three years ago. Meja has just moved to the area with her mentally unstable mother.

BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT by Gary Bell, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Elliot Rook, QC, is asked to represent a racist bigot accused of murder and finds it difficult to refuse – his client knows well the skeletons in Rook’s closet.

THE DEATH CHAMBER by Lesley Thomson, reviewed by John Cleal

In 1977, a 17-year-old girl was never seen again after leaving a village disco. Twenty years later, police searching for another missing teenager find her remains. Cleaning company boss and amateur detective Stella Darnell and her tube train driver partner Jack Harmon investigate.

A QUARTER PAST DEAD by TP Fielden, reviewed by Anthea Hawdon

Some residents of Temple Regis might look upon the new Buntorama holiday camp as a disaster for the seaside town. But not as much as a disaster as a dead woman being found murdered in one of the chalets. It falls to Judy Dimont to work out the twisty plot of dynasties and murder.

ENCHANTEE by Gita Trelease, reviewed by Linda Wilson

1798. Paris is on the brink of revolution. Camille Durbonne, struggling to pay food and rent, plays a dangerous game on the filthy streets and in the glittering courts.

THE CONVICTION OF CORA BURNS by Carolyn Kirby, reviewed by John Cleal

Cora Burns, born in a prison and raised in a workhouse, has always struggled to control a streak of violence. A new life as a servant in the home of a scientist gives her a chance of a future, but she soon suspects that she, like a young girl she has befriended, are subjects of a living experiment.

THE SATAPUR MOONSTONE by Sujata Massey, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Lawyer Perveen Mistry is selected to advise on the education of a young maharaja in the tiny princely state of Satapur and finds the boy is at the centre of a power dispute.

BLOOD LINES by Angela Marsons, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

The victims could not be more disparate, but DI Kim Stone knows their shared cause of death is not coincidental.

WHAT LIES BURIED by Margaret Kirk, reviewed by John Cleal

A ten-year-old girl disappears from a birthday party. Detective Inspector Lukas Mahler races against time to find her. But will her abductor stop at one child – and what is the connection with a murder from 70 years back?

THE DEAD EX by Jane Corry, reviewed by Kati-Barr Taylor

Vicki’s life was already damaged. Now, with her ex-husband missing and the police sure she is involved, everything is in freefall.

INCEPTIO by Alison Morton, reviewed by John Barnbrook

In an alternate reality, Karen Brown’s ordinary life is swept away as a series of incidents reveal her association with high-ranking families in Nova Roma and her life changes forever.

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