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Crime Review Update: New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author Michael Koryta in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

DEADLAND by William Shaw, reviewed by John Cleal

Two youngsters steal a phone – whose owner is willing to kill to recover
it. DS Alex Cupidi, tasked with solving the mystery of a decomposing arm in
an art gallery exhibition, uncovers a link between the crimes.

STONE COLD HEART by Caz Frear, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When a young woman is found dead not long after a party, there’s not
exactly a shortage of possible suspects for DS Cat Kinsella to wade through.

SHE LIES IN WAIT by Gytha Lodge, reviewed by Madeleine Marsh

The discovery of a body brings together the victim’s schoolfriends 30 years
after her death and old secrets start to be uncovered.

STASI 1977 by David Young, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Major Karin Muller of the Volkspolizei is called back from leave to
investigate a murder in a state cotton mill, but soon finds that the Stasi
have an interest and are determined to block her progress in the case.

THE MIDDLE TEMPLE MURDER by JS Fletcher, reviewed by John Cleal

An unidentified elderly man is found bludgeoned to death in London’s Middle
Temple. The police believe it was simple robbery, but journalist Frank
Spargo, who stumbles on the death scene, joins forces with a Scotland Yard
detective and a young barrister.

SMALLBONE DECEASED by Michael Gilbert, reviewed by Chris Roberts

The London legal firm of Horniman, Birley and Craine suffers a blow to its
reputation when a client is found dead in an office deed box.

ROBERT B PARKER’S OLD BLACK MAGIC by Ace Atkins, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Boston PI Spenser is called in to investigate a theft, 20 years ago, from
an art museum in the city and is soon plunged into the at times murky world
of high-end art.

LOST CREED by Alex Kava, reviewed by John Cleal

A child trafficking bust sets K9 handler Ryder Creed on a search for his
missing sister.

A GIFT FOR DYING by MJ Arlidge, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

A serial killer is prowling Chicago, and teenager Kassie knows where he
will strike next.

THE HAVEN by Simon Lelic, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When 13-year-old Ollie Turner’s guardian is murdered, he’s taken in by a
group of kids living a separate life under the streets of London and has to
fight to prevent chaos and destruction being brought to the city’s streets.

BLACK WOLF by GD Abson, reviewed by Chris Roberts

It is only chance that a body left by the roadside outside St Petersburg in
early January is discovered before the snow buries it for the rest of the
winter. Captain Natalya Ivanova is assigned the case.

SHADOW by James Swallow, reviewed by John Cleal

Marc Dane and his partner, ex-Delta Force sniper Lucy Keyes, must thwart a
plot by an international group to use extremist right wingers to unleash a
lethal virus in a major European city.

ONCE A PILGRIM by James Deegan, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Former SAS hard man John Carr is now working in private security, his army
days behind him, or so he thinks, but some wars never entirely end, as
events early in Carr’s military career come back to haunt him and his
former comrades.

THE DIVINITIES by Parker Bilal, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Detective Sergeant Cal Drake gets an opportunity to restore his tarnished
reputation with the help of forensic psychologist Dr Ray Crane.

THE TEAHOUSE DETECTIVE by Baroness Orczy, reviewed by John Cleal

A collection of short stories, each with a puzzle to solve.

BLOOD WILL HAVE BLOOD by Catherine Moloney, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

A brutal murder occurs at the school where DI Markham's girlfriend works.
In spite of criticism from his Chief Inspector, Markham insists on carrying
out an investigation into the school staff.

MALICE IN MALMO by Torquil MacLeod, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Inspector Anita Sundstrom of the Skane County Police is under pressure. She
has to deal with evidence-less cases of kidnapped businessmen and a murder
of an infamous journalist. Her boss is in hospital, replaced by Anita’s
nemesis, and her long-distance boyfriend is suddenly too close.

THE BROKEN TOKEN (audiobook) by Chris Nickson, reviewed by Fiona Spence

When Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, discovers his former housemaid murdered in a particularly sickening manner, his professional and personal lives move perilously close to each other.

STRANGE TOMBS by Syd Moore, reviewed by Anthea Hawdon

There's a mystery and suspense residential creative writing week at
Ratchette Hall. It's at Halloween, so what could possibly go wrong? Well,
murder for a start.

PERFECT CRIME by Helen Fields, reviewed by John Barnbrook

It seems that there is a serial killer at work in Edinburgh who is
specifically targeting people who have attempted suicide and murdering them
with sophisticated cruelty.

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