Friday, July 26, 2019

Dental Surgery Day

By the time this post appears, I should be at least part of the way through a procedure to remove six teeth. I am losing all four wisdom teeth, each of which is apparently fractured and a mess, and two more broken teeth that I knew were broken. Both broke long ago, at different times, while Sandi was in her battle and my focus was on taking care of her.

This mess in my mouth played a role of some type in my recent hospital stay. So, it absolutely has to done. I don't have a choice. But, I hate it. Nervous wreck over it as my phobia about needles, dentists, and all the rest of it is in full bloom. I am more than a bit freaked out. I am very aware that things can and do go wrong on occasion even with things that should and usually do go okay.

Fingers crossed and all that.


noirencyclopedia said...

I hope it went well -- you have all my sympathies.

A few years ago I had all my remaining teeth out (for dentures) and like yourself was completely freaked out about it. I couldn't get it through to the idiot dentist that it wasn't the prospect of pain that was making me shake like a leaf (pain can be withstood) but irrational horror over the mutilation aspect. He kept pumping more painkillers into me when instead he should have stuffed more valium into me!

cncbooks said...

I hope all went well!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you both. I guess it went right. I'm still pretty out of it.