Friday, July 26, 2019

I Am Alive

All six bad teeth are out. I am told it went very well and everybody involved is very pleased. I slept through it. I am heavily medicated. Still numb in my lower jaw, chin, and lower lip which makes trying to drink water and take pills an interesting and messy experience.

I am told the next few days will be worse pain wise and I am not looking forward to that.

Just wanted to let one and all know I survived and hope to be online a little more tomorrow. I have a ton of email and messages on FB and whatnot so I know folks were letting me know they care. I do appreciate it and will work on reply, as I can over the weekend.

Thanks again, everyone.


Barry Ergang said...

I'm sorry you've had this ordeal, but I'm glad you survived it--not that I expected you wouldn't. Take it easy for the next few days, and don't worry about FB, the blog, or any other media. They'll keep.

Feel better soon!

J. Kingston Pierce said...

I'm glad to hear you came through this experience OK, Kevin.

Jerry House said...

Alive is good.

noirencyclopedia said...

Glad to hear you're recuperating.