Friday, December 20, 2019

PJ Nunn Has Passed Away

I was just alerted to the fact on her Facebook page that it has been announced that PJ Nunn last night. I am just stunned and devastated. I had no idea this was coming. Not only was she my friend and made sure that I came to her Cozy Cats and Hardboiled Heroes conferences back in the day, she quickly became friends with Sandi and never ran away when the cancers hit. Many others did, but she hung in there with us and that meant a lot.

Words fail me. Such a loss.


Gram said...

Sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose a friend. ((((()))))

Caroline Clemmons said...

I'm stunned, too, Kevin. Wasn't she about your age? I went to one of her conferences and had fun. Seems to me I remember her being much younger than me. I'm sorry to hear of her passing.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I just don't know what to say. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she is gone.

Yes, I think she was around my age. She made sure I attended her "Hardboiled Heroes and Cozy Cats" deals back in the day and was always very encouraging about my writing. She claimed I had not found my groove yet. Over the years, she became friends with Sandi too and they really hit it off. When Sandi got sick, PJ Nunn came and saw her in the hospital a couple of times and stayed in touch unlike many of Sandi's so called friends who bailed once she got sick.

After the absolute worst thing ever happened, she stayed in touch with me. Having lost her own husband and a son in separate medical deals, she new what I was and still am feeling. She kept telling me to just focus on the now and to get back to my own writing. I had just gotten an email a few days ago from her promoting the new release of one of her clients.

I knew she had some health stuff going on as it seems we all do, but, I had no idea things were this way. I am just stunned. It is terribly upsetting as well and yet another reason why the holiday season just f-ing sucks.

cncbooks said...

Kevin, you may have seen this by now from someone else but this is the notice I got on December 10th. She's had a rough time for many years with her own health and that of family members and I'm so very sad about losing her.


This is Kate Nunn, PJs oldest daughter. You might remember that I worked with BTP full time several years ago.

My mom wants me to make her apologies for being in and out of touch. She first became ill with a uti that required iv antibiotics but as that cleared up she contracted another infection from the hospital. She was discharged thinking she was on the men but was sent back to the hospital. It seemed to turn around until she deveoped a blood clot in her dialysis access that ultimately took 4 surgeries to rectify. She is now in a specialty hospital for Calcificalexis which is a series of growing calcium deposits. They are extremely painful and can be fatal if the grow too fast.


I'm answering emails but it's faster to text or Message me: Kate 469.716.1136.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I knew about some things, including the uti, but not about the rest of this. Thank you for telling us. Just breaks my heart.