Sunday, December 29, 2019

Review: At Their Own Game: A SpoCompton Crime Novel by Frank Zafiro

At Their Own Game: A SpoCompton Crime Novel by Frank Zafiro revolves around former police officer Jacob Stankovic. He runs a small criminal enterprise using Matt for short range stuff and Brent for long haul gigs. Though he is now on the other side from his former fellow officers of the law, he has worked to keep things relatively clean these past seven years and kept things small time to stay off the radar of everyone. Especially one Detective who got seriously upset over the fact that Jacob, when he was still a cop, spent a lot of time between the sheets with the Detective’s wife.

Who would have thought he would take things so personally?

He has been running things small and tight with no issues. His number one rule was no drugs. Thanks to desperate circumstances, Jacob Stankovic broke that rule and now things are blowing up. The drug deal went sideways though it might still be salvageable. That is one problem. Another one is the fact that minutes after the drug deal went haywire, Matt got picked up by the cops and is in jail with that same Detective leaning on him.

Jacob Stankovic has never had to kill anyone before. If things keep going wrong, he may have to rethink his rule against murders.

At Their Own Game: A SpoCompton Crime Novel is another intense read from the mind of Frank Zafiro. A former officer himself, Frank Zafiro brings a gritty realism to all his characters. These are not super hero cops like you read in other books where the cops are perfect, or nearly perfect, at home and at work. The officers and former officers in Frank Zafiro’s tales are  flawed human beings. Some are just way more flawed than others. Under pressure, those circumstances coupled with inner flaws, can and often do become major issues.

Issues that drive action and result in very intense read. Such is the case here in At Their Own Game: A SpoCompton Crime Novel. Another strong read from author Frank Zafiro and like his other books, very much worth your time. 

I purchased my eBook copy to read and review back in the middle of October.

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