Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Review: Purgatory Bay by Bryan Gruley

Purgatory Bay: A Novel by Bryan Gruley continues what began in Bleak Harbor. While not a straight sequel to the prior book, it features the local area and some of the same characters. There are also numerous references, some far more detailed than others, to the prior book and those events. For that reason, those who have read the prior book will get far more out of this read than those who have not.

Jubilee Rathman lives a life of wealth and splendid isolation in her home on Purgatory Bay near Black Harbor. It has been twelve years since the night her family was wiped out by murders. She knew who was responsible as did law enforcement, but when the wealthy and connected are involved, the fight to hold those accountable is often impossible. Long ago she gave up on the legal system and those within it that had so utterly failed her. Those that believe she moved on and managed to put the past behind her would be sadly mistaken.

Instead, she is financing her own very personal quest for justice. She sees it as holding those involved, no matter how far removed, as accountable for their roles in her personal tragedy. Others would see her plan, if they knew of it before things commenced, as nothing more than a revenge list and that many of her targets would be misplaced targets of her rage.

One of the not so obvious targets is a local resident, Ophelia. A renowned artist and a contributor by way of various sculptures around the area, she lost her sight during her teen years. Removing her from the home and making her vanish is a key part of Jubilee Rathman’s plan. She must vanish so that former reporter Michaela “Mikey” Deming can experience just a small beginning taste of what Jubilee Rathman has in store for her and many other folks.

Purgatory Bay: A Novel by Bryan Gruley is very much like the preceding book, Bleak Harbor: A Novel, in that it is another very complicated read filled with multiple storylines, family tragedies, and acts of violence, betrayal, and vengeance. All of the characters involved in the read are flawed and very realistic. While the overall tone is dark for much of the book, there are the occasional flashes of subtle humor which tend to lighten the mood at various times throughout the book. Several of the characters in the read, evolve, and work out their own ways to redemption by way of the violence that is unleashed across the area.

An intense and powerful read, Purgatory Bay: A Novel by Bryan Gruley is one of those book that most likely will be nominated for a slew of awards and collect at least a couple. Simply put, it is very much worth your time. 

The read is currently scheduled to be released by Thomas & Mercer in eBook, audio, and print formats on January 14, 2020. You can read my review of the first book, Bleak Harbor, here.

My reading copy came by way of the author with no expectation of a review.

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