Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Short Story Wednesday Review: Disappeared: A Short Story by Linda Castillo

It is absolutely pouring down rain in Painters Mill, Ohio and the surrounding area as Disappeared: A Short Story by Linda Castillo begins. A call just before dawn awakens Chief of Police Kate Burkholder. An early morning call is never good and it certainly is not in this case.


A toddler is missing at the Kline Farm. The fact that the Kline family called for help, especially a family that follows one of the most traditional Amish sects, shows just how desperate they are for help. Little Joe is missing and the family is terrified that he is outside somewhere as the storm pounds down.


Neighbors have also come to help search and nobody has found a thing. Beyond the cold and rain, the nearby creek is pushing out of its banks. As the clock ticks, finding Little Joe alive is becoming increasingly impossible unless someone took him. It is an all hands-on deck situation and that includes her partner, John Tomasetti, with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.


A fast and intense read, Disappeared: A Short Story gives one a glimpse of the Kate Burkholder series. Also included in this short read is an excerpt from the upcoming novel, Fallen, out next month. 



Disappeared: A Short Story

Linda Castillo

Minotaur Books

April 2021


eBook (also available in audio format) 


Material was picked up last month by way of my funds in my Amazon Associate account. 


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Unknown said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this read. Always looking forward to another Castillo book.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Absolutely. I love the series.