Saturday, July 31, 2021

Scott Reviews: Flash Facts by Mayim Bialik

Flash Facts by Mayim Bialik and others is an anthology by DC Comics designed to teach STEM concepts using DC characters such as Batman, Supergirl, The Flash, and more. These ten stories cover topics such as electricity, forensic science, global warming, the solar system, atoms, and more. The art and the quality of the writing varies from very good to okay. The plots are pretty simplistic, but I would imagine they would be fun ones for a child to read. Overall, most of the stories are good and feature above average art while teaching science topics to early elementary kids.


There is some humor, a bit of action, and plenty of science. The end of the book even includes some science experiments one can do at home and web links for children to teach themselves more about the topics.


A personal pet peeve of mine is when a character gets dumbed down for a story. The Flash is treated this way in the book and somebody should have said no. He goes from teaching forensic science at the beginning of the anthology to not knowing how electricity works or how global warming works in tales later in the book. Did nobody during development or at the publisher point out that stupidity?


My personal favorite was the Supergirl tale where she teaches the solar system to a child and teaches her to appreciate our planet and our solar system. Appreciating the planet we have is important as well as appreciating our place in the universe around us.


Flash Facts by Mayim Bialik is a fun book to help children learn about science from their favorite DC Comics heroes. 



Flash Facts

Mayim Bialik

DC Comics

February 2021

ISBN#: 978-1-77950-382-4

Paperback (eBook available)

160 Pages 



My reading copy came from the Forest Green Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.  


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