Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Review: Darkest Corners of Texas: An Al Quinn Novel by Russ Hall

Darkest Corners of Texas: An Al Quinn Novel opens with Al Quinn working on his boat at Lake Travis. He would rather be on the water fishing, but the bilge pump had other ideas. Fergie is at the boat with him and is the first to spot the boat coming at high-speed right to their dock on what used to be a quiet and far less populated lake. But, urban sprawl out of Austin means a lot more houses, a lot more people, and many more visitors than the old days.


Al Quinn just wants tb be left alone and does not much care for it when friend or foe shows up unannounced at his place. So, he is not thrilled to see to see the cigarette boat rocketing their way. He is even less thrilled when he sees that one of the two men aboard is Dom Strobinsky. His presence means he is home from the state petitionary at Huntsville. Al used to be a deputy and Dom used to work for Fat Solly. So, the two have an arrest history going back decades and Dom is trouble.


Dom is out and feels perfectly comfortable getting on his dock like he was invited. He wasn’t and neither was his companion. Introduced as Dom’s nephew, Cabe, the family resemblance is clear. Dom just completed eight years inside, full team, which means he has no parole officer to answer to or anyone checking up on him.


Dom was a serious threat in the day. His still has some of that swagger and attitude, but like all aging gun fighters, he isn't quite what he used to be. Still, he is a threat though now he brings it as an investigation to meet with his new boss. Supposedly, everything the boss is doing is legit and he wants to hire Al to figure out who is interfering in his business. Al wants no part of any of it though neither Dom or his hit headed nephew, Cabe, seem capable of taking no for an answer.


Things escalate in expected and unexpected ways and before long Al, Fergie, and the whole crew find themselves in a mess involving white supremacists, human trafficking, and a lot more. Sheriff Clayton may not have brought Al into the case, but now he has him stuck right in the middle of it like it or not.


In another time and place, somebody might be lecturing folks about taking care of family. In this book, it is all about family and taking care of the people and pets you love. Sometimes you can’t wait for others to clean up the mess. 


Darkest Corners of Texas: An Al Quinn Novel is a fast and action filled read. Many of the characters involved have been around since the start so there is little here to add to them in terms of development. This is more action filled tale as those involved deal with crisis after crisis. The latest in this series that started with To Hell and Gone in Texas  is also a very good read well worth your time.  




Darkest Corners of Texas: An Al Quinn Novel

Russ Hall


Red Adept Publishing


June 2021

ASIN: B0964H86M1

eBook (also available in print)

174 Pages



Material was purchased early last month to read and review. 


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