Monday, August 22, 2022

Dallas Weather

First and foremost, thank you to the dozen or so folks who reached out to make sure we are okay. We are and it was good that we did not have to go out today. 

When I was a kid, the old timers used to say you end a drought with a flood. Well, the floods came today as rains of anywhere from six inches to more than a foot hit last night and today. A couple of the nearby city run rain gauges have clocked in more than 15 inches and more than 12 inches. It absolutely poured. 

Rain is in the forecast all week, but the chances of rain are low and nothing like what we just went through is in the forecast. I have a doctor appointment early tomorrow afternoon and am hoping for dry pavement for my feet and my cane as wet surfaces cause bad things to happen for me. 


Jerry House said...

There was wild weather today in Dallas
When it rained with true evil malice;
But our smart Kevin T.
said, "It's too much for me,"
And stayed, ensconsed in his palace.

Kevin R. Tipple said...


BVLawson said...

Definitely relieved to hear you all are okay, Kevin! I saw some of the videos on the news and was amazed (and horrified).

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Made me nervous going back and forth to the Doc today as it rained. It has been rough around here.

TracyK said...

Kevin, I had no idea. I stay away from the news so I usually miss stuff like this. I am glad that you two got through it OK.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Weather is news here so we don't have the luxury of staying away from the news.