Friday, August 26, 2022

FFB Review: Imitation in Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries by J.D. Robb

It is the summer 2059 as Imitation in Death by J.D. Robb begins and the September heat is just as bad as August was. It is too hot, even for sex work, as Jacie Wooton has found out in recent days. She is a licensed companion and longs for her recent past where she had the same job, but better clients as they were rich and lonely. She has a plan to stay clean, be professional, and get back where she belongs in six months. Her plan did not involve being murdered by a psycho.

But, that is what happened. She is very much dead and her case is the latest for NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas. Jacie Wooton had her throat slit by somebody in the alley. The crime scene is blood bath. Much of that is due to what he did to her afterwards. If there was any mercy, she never felt it. The scene is so bad that even Peabody is shaken to the core and spends some time losing whatever was in her stomach. She is not alone as at least two other officers are going through the same thing.

Dallas got through the scene and thus found the note on the body personally addressed to her. The note used a fancy font on expensive paper and is a calling card taunt by a killer who sees it all as an elaborate game.

A sick and very twisted game where he begins duplicating famous serial killers across history. With each one, he dares Lieutenant Dallas to catch him. While she sees the end game as he envisions it playing out as well as a couple of possible potential kills if he continues the patter, she can’t figure out who he is or where he will strike next. Identifying the killer and stopping him is going to take a team effort.

Book 17 of the long running series has all the usual flaws of the previous books. It also again plays with the idea that a killer is working his way to the ultimate prize of killing Dallas. At the same time, though we have seen it all before, the read is fun and well worth your time.



My reading copy came by way of the Libby/OverDrive app and the Dallas Public Library System.


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Jerry House said...

Kevin, I feel we all need an author of series to fall back on when we need to cleanse our literary palate. I'm glad you found yours with the Eve Dallas series.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

They seem to work for me. There are a lot of them too. lol

Lesa said...

Today is release date for Desperation in Death, the 55th in the series. You'll be okay for a palate cleanser for a while.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

And today, 9/6/2022, you have a review of it up on your blog.