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Crime Review Update

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Robert Olen Butler in the Countdown
interview hot seat:
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This week’s reviews are:
THE CELLAR by Minette Walters, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Muna was bought from an orphanage at the age of eight by Mr and Mrs Songoli
and has been forced into a life of domestic slavery. But she is a survivor …

THIN AIR by Ann Cleeves, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Three old university friends, Caroline, Eleanor and Polly, leave London for
the Shetland Isles where they are to celebrate Caroline’s recent marriage
to a Shetlander. Almost immediately after the party, one of them disappears
and her body is found in a loch.

SLEEPING DOGS by Thomas Mogford, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Lawyer Spike Sanguinetti takes a holiday in Corfu but finds himself
involved in a murder, followed by a very dangerous trip to Albania.

LAST RESORT by Quintin Jardine, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Bob Skinner, on holiday in Spain, is asked to help out an old friend and
find a missing man.

THE STRINGS OF MURDER by Oscar de Muriel, reviewed by John Cleal
Victorian Inspectors Ian Frey and ‘Nine Nails’ McGray must solve the
gruesome killing of an Edinburgh violin virtuoso. Their inquiries take them
into a world of music, madness and devil worship.

RESISTANT by Michael Palmer, reviewed by Sylvia Wilson
An aggressive new infection is sweeping America’s hospitals, the product of
a shadowy terrorist organisation. When Dr Lou Welcome’s friend succumbs,
can he find the cure, find the terrorists and save his friend’s life?

NOTHING SACRED by David Thorne, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Lawyer Daniel Connell helps out an old girlfriend and finds himself landed
with a new client, one who won’t take no for an answer.

ROBERT B PARKER’S CHEAP SHOT by Ace Atkins, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Spenser is hired to find a nine-year-old kidnap victim amidst gang violence
in downtown Boston.

INQUEST by Paul Carson, reviewed by John Cleal
Coroner Dr Mike Wilson is dragged into a morass of corruption and killing
as he conducts an inquest into the apparent suicide of the drug-addicted
son of a government minister.

DEAD CERTAINTY by Glenis Wilson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Jump jockey Harry Radcliffe is out of action after a fall – but
ghost-writing an autobiography for a veteran trainer turns out to be even
more dangerous.

THE FIRST HORSEMAN by DK Wilson, reviewed by John Cleal
House of Commons member Robert Packington became the first man in London to
be murdered with a pistol when he was shot dead while walking to Mass.
Thomas Treviot, a close family friend, sets out to investigate his killing
amid the corruption and conspiracies of Henry VIII’s court.

DEATH UNDER A TUSCAN SUN by Michele Giutarri, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan
Chief Superintendent Ferrara is dismayed to hear that two dangerous
prisoners have escaped from jail in Pisa. Later, a well-known lawyer and
his wife are found murdered in their gated community a few miles from

FOR THE DEAD by Timothy Hallinan, reviewed by Chris Roberts
The purchase of a used phone exposes Poke Rafferty and his family to danger
from a man with very powerful connections.

THE MAN WHO LOVED DOGS by Leonardo Padura, reviewed by John Cleal
A Cuban writer meets a man with two Russian wolfhounds while walking on a
beach. He gradually learns the man’s story – he is the exiled killer of
Leon Trotsky.

TRUTH OR DARE by Tania Carver, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A kidnapped man is given a choice: save his life or that of his girlfriend
and baby. What decision will he make?

KICKBACK by Damien Boyd, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A soldier returning from Afghanistan holds his family hostage in an attempt
to persuade police to investigate the death of his stable lad brother – and
DI Nick Dixon is soon in the thick of the action

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