Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Sandi Update

We are back home and she is here and sound asleep. Going to the doctor was a major effort for her today and it took a lot out of her.

The viral croup is not getting better. While she has no fever, she is again throwing up due to excessive coughing. Her lungs sound worse. So, in her very weakened and very state, chemo is far too dangerous for her right now. Everything that was scheduled for today has been rescheduled for Friday in the hope she is well enough then to do chemo. In all likelihood we have a better chance of seeing unicorns prancing in the streets under skies full of flying pigs and hostile drones.

The blood work was okay--not good--- and that was another indication things have to wait. We are told that further delaying the chemo won't matter much as to how it does or does not impact the cancer. The far bigger issue right now is her inability to get over this and the high risk she is at for more issues either directly due to this or getting sick with something else on top of what she already has.


Unknown said...

Very discouraging, I'm sure. I hope she can bounce back soon.

JW Nelson said...

Sending positive thoughts Sandi's way.

Maureen Harrington said...

Dear Kevin, I continue to hold Sandi and you in my heart.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you all. We are trying to stay positive.

Carol N Wong said...

Sorry that I have not been posting. AOL goes in cycles in bringing in the mail. I wondered how she is often. Couldn't remember the name of your blog.

I am very sorry to hear that she is struggling with a bad virus. Hoping for the best for her. I hope that she is getting the strongest medicine to beat it down.

Sending you and Sandy my prayers and hopes.