Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sandi Update 6/18/17

After yesterday's scare when her heart rate and BP soared during the second transfusion causing them to put Sandi on a heart monitor and inject multiple drugs into her, today has been a bit calmer. No blood transfusion today helped that situation. She is still NPO which means a clear liquid diet. She also says that her hair, which was evacuating her head a bit the last couple of days thanks to the aborted chemo, is now all gone as the nurses took care of that today.

Scott and I stayed home as the heat yesterday did a bit of a number on me. Been out in it way too much these past couple of weeks and it has played havoc with my own health issues. I hate the summer. So we stayed home today only to have the AC unit upstairs pretty much go out on us this afternoon. Blowing a little cold air, but nothing like it should. So, after trying to box some things upstairs in our bedroom, I retreated to the lower level and have spent much of the day the floor in front of the box fan watching television. Not very productive, especially with so much to do here, but the body was not going to be cooperative on so many levels.

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