Saturday, July 28, 2018

Saturdays With Kaye: The Lost Woman by Sara Blaedel

The Lost Woman by Sara Blaedel


This is a deliciously dark Danish crime thriller, the third in a series featuring Inspector Louise Rick, head of the elite Special Search Agency.

The story begins with a woman being murdered in England—shot through the kitchen window by an unknown killer. Her death uncovers her true identity as a Danish citizen who has been missing for almost twenty years. Rick’s lover, Eik, sneaks over to England and ends up jailed for her murder! The relationship between Louise and Eik has been about to cause some problems in the department, but she finds she has much, much bigger problems now. She doesn’t know if she can trust what Eik says—or does. She doesn’t even know that he didn’t kill Sophie, the woman in England, who turns out to have had a past relationship with her.

Louise Rick’s world turns to quicksand when she doesn’t know who to trust. She encounters mysterious bank accounts and transfers, and more dead people. She also runs headlong into the controversial subject of assisted suicide, and the aspects are examined through different characters, pro and con.

Great tale! Scandinavian through and through.

Reviewed by Kaye George, author of Death on the Trek, for Suspense Magazine

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