Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Noir At The Bar: Dallas (Thursday Evening)

Author Michael  Pool has organized another Noir At The Bar to be held at The Wild Detectives in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. I missed the last one back in May as I had to be at UTD with Scott. This time around I plan on being there.

Something that would not be possible without the transportation assistance provided by a friend as the long drive as well as the very limited parking in the neighborhood around the place is very problematic. I simply am unable to park and walk (limp with cane)  blocks on end as there is not any handicapped parking in the area. The venue itself is great. Especially if you link to drink as they heartily embrace the bar angle of things. My twenty years --as of this month---of sobriety, remains intact despite the stressors and incredible grief of these past few months. Drinking is not going to help and I know that. So far, I have kept that wall of my life up though it has been shaky at times.

I am looking forward to this. I hope if you are the area you can make it.

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