Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kill Devil Falls: A Novel Of Suspense by Brian Klingborg

For U. S. Marshal Helen Morrissey, it was supposed to be a fairly routine pickup and transfer of a prisoner from jail in the Sierra Nevadas. But, the frigid weather has not helped matters and the locals could not get the prisoner, Rita Crawford, where she was supposed to be for pickup.  Instead, per her boss at the Sacramento office and a man who is probably paying her back for refusing to go out with him and more, the locals can’t do it so Morrissey has to go to Kill Devil Falls where Rita Crawford was arrested and pick her up there.

Rita and her still missing fugitive partner, Lee Larimer, were notorious in recent weeks as they went about a robbery spree. A spree that netted them quite a lot of money before the inevitable happened as they were not the smartest criminals ever. Especially Lee. The cops got on their trail and were closing in when Rita did the smart thing and left her idiot partner behind. Then she made a dumb move and got caught in Kill Devil Falls and is sitting in the local lockup awaiting pickup and transport.

Now, with Rita in Kill Devil Falls, a place that does not exist on Google, instead of Donnersville where she was supposed to be, Marshal Morrissey has a bit more diving to do on what has already been a nasty day. A day that gets worse on the way as she suffers a tire blowout that was nearly catastrophic.  Lucky to have survived the trip to Kill Devil Falls, all Morrissey wants to do is do the paperwork and get her and her prisoner out on the road to Sacramento as fast as possible.

It soon becomes very clear that they are going nowhere. Instead of a routine mission, Marshal Morrissey finds herself in a decaying, and in more than one way, and deadly town. A town that is the scene of a succession of events and deaths that become the basis for what really is an open air locked room mystery.

Kill Devil Falls by Brian Klingborg was the subject of a recent review by Author Kaye George on my blog. Her review caused me to look for the book. Unfortunately, the book was not carried in the Dallas Library system. It was available in Houston so I paid the $3.00 fee and requested the read through the Interlibrary Loan System. As it happened, it was available in large print which was even better for me.

Kill Devil Falls was well worth the time, money, and effort. An intense read full of misdirection and action, the story unravels at a rapid clip from start to finish. Kill Devil Falls is mighty good and well worth your time.

Kill Devil Falls: A Novel Of Suspense
Brian Klingborg
Thorndike Press
April 2017
ISBN# 978-1-4104-9914-1
407 Pages

My thanks to the good folks of the Harris County Public Library down in Houston, Texas as well as the good people of the Dallas Library System for working their magic and making this read available to me. It was and is very much appreciated.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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