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New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Teri Terry in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE GOOD SON by You Jeong-Jeong, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A young man wakes up in his own bed and is confused to find he is covered
in blood. Discovery of a body downstairs starts to trigger memories about
what has been going on.

LOCH OF THE DEAD by Oscar de Muriel, reviewed by John Cleal
Paranormal investigators Inspectors Frey and McGray, lured to a lonely
Highland manor by a promise of a cure for the mad sister of ‘Nine-Nails’
and a threat to the estate’s young heir, enter a Gothic world of blood,
bats, folklore, superstition and murder.

THE DEATH KNOCK by Elodie Harper, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Women are going missing and there are fears that a serial killer might be
at work in the East Anglian fens. TV journalist Frankie Latch is in the
thick of the investigation, but it’s not a safe position to be in.

CITY OF SINNERS by AA Dhand, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A young Asian woman is found murdered in a Bradford bookshop. But as DCI
Harry Virdee investigates, the killer is leaving bizarre messages for him
and making it clear that it’s personal.

THE SILENT GIRL by Hjorth and Rosenfeldt, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Leading criminal profiler Sebastian Bergman again joins Riksmord, the
national police homicide unit based in Stockholm, to search for a killer
who has gunned down a whole family in a small, quiet Swedish town.

MAIGRET ENJOYS HIMSELF by Georges Simenon, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Maigret, recuperating from a bout of bronchitis, has been given
instructions by his doctor to rest and take a holiday. When an intriguing
crime is committed, however, he finds it impossible not to become involved,
even unofficially.

YELLOWHAMMER by James Henry, reviewed by John Cleal
DI Nick Lowry faces a unique problem when two bodies are found within
minutes on an Essex farm. One has clearly been murdered. The other appears
to be a suicide. As he probes deeper a strange and horrifying tale appears.

THE DISAPPEARED by CJ Box, reviewed by Chris Roberts
The new Wyoming Governor asks game warden Joe Pickett to investigate the
disappearance of a British woman, which is creating a stir in the British

FRIEND REQUEST by Laura Marshall, reviewed by Madeleine Marsh
Louise has been haunted by the fear and shame of her school days, hiding a
secret that only four people in the world share. One day she receives a
friend request on Facebook from Maria Weston. But Maria died 25 years ago.

LONE WOLF by Michael Gregorio, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan
A body is found in England with one piece of evidence that links it to
Italy. Meanwhile, a Mafia boss is hoping that something can be done about
his failing eyesight. Italian ranger Sebastian Cangio is assigned to help
the British work on the murder case.

TRULY EVIL by Mark Hardie, reviewed by John Cleal
A 50-year-old establishment conspiracy casts a long shadow over a present
day murder investigation.

INCORRUPTIBLE by Barbara Nadel, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Inspector Cetin Ikmen takes up the case when a young woman from a mixed
marriage is found eviscerated in an Istanbul backstreet.

WHILE YOU SLEEP by Stephanie Merritt, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor
McBride House should be Zoe’s restful sanctuary, but there is so much evil
within its walls that she may regret closing her eyes.

THE PARENTATIONS by Kate Mayfield, reviewed by John Barnbrook
In Iceland there is a secret pool from which, if you drink, you gain
immortality. In London, two elderly sisters have their lives changed
permanently by contact with a family who are protecting a baby born of
immortal parents.

LAST INSTRUCTIONS by Nir Hezroni, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Rogue agent 10483 emerges from a nine-year coma to finalise his plans for
revenge against The Organisation, plans which include setting off a nuclear

THE SEARCHER by TJ Alexander, reviewed by John Cleal
A child is found dead on wasteland in the London Liberty of Norton Folgate.
‘Searcher’ Adah Flint must examine the little girl’s body to discover her
identity and how she died.

THE SHOUT by Stephen Leather, reviewed by Linda Wilson
After being badly injured on the job, firefighter Vicky Lewis is shunted
into what she sees as a dull desk job, but she quickly learns that the Fire
Investigation Unit isn’t quite the dead-end job she’d expected.

BACK UP by Paul Colize, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When all four members of a rock band die within a few days, the police seem
strangely disinterested. A man who may be able to shed some light on the
matter is apparently unable to communicate.

THE GOOD MOTHERS by Alex Perry, reviewed by John Cleal
The story of three women born into the claustrophobic world of the
Calabrian mafia and the battle of Alessandra Cerretti, the Sicilian-born
prosecutor who has devoted her life to bringing down the ‘Ndrangheta, the
world’s most powerful crime syndicate.

THE AMATEURS: FOLLOW ME by Sara Shepard, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Internet sensation Chelsea Dawson has gone missing. Her kidnapper was
formerly a member of a group who had successfully solved a cold case murder
and he is now sending taunting messages to his former friends. If they
don’t solve the clues he’s setting for them, Chelsea will die.

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