Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Working From Home While Wearing Pants

There is a bit of a running joke on Facebook about working from home and wearing pants. Whether or not one needs to even wear pants at home. Should there be a special pair of pants set aside by the front door somewhere in order to answer the door? It is one of those things that is funny if you see it and yet so hard to explain to those who have not.

Anyway, both Scott and I were definitely working from home and wearing pants today.  While I can't prove my this picture that I was wearing pants, they were on.

However, I can prove Scott was wearing pants by the picture below. I can also prove that he can multi task with the best of them. Not only is he taking notes on a book he is reading for one of his grad courses where he has to write a paper on said book, he also is managing to check his Facebook status on his cellphone at the same time.

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