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Review: Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight: A Short Story by CS DeWildt

If you have read any of author CS DeWildt’s work, you know that there will be dark times and maybe some humor.  No humor is present all in his short story, Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight: A Short Story. There is plenty of darkness and pain.

Corbin Rutherford Scaggs broke his wrist when he fell of the roof of the single wide trailer he shared with his mom and his older brother, Tommy. That break resulted in five pins and a titanium plate by way of a surgeon who also wrote him a script for Percocet. His brother took off again and this time took Corbin’s pain meds.  If he had just left a few days earlier, Corbin never would have been on the roof in the first place and therefore the fall would never have happened.  He waited a month before moving into Tommy’s old bedroom.

Part of that move requires Corbin washing the sheets for the bed. That process is interrupted by Janie Myers inviting him outside to see what is going on. The Davis brothers are, like the up and coming sociopaths they are, torturing a small create. In this case, a pigeon that is now permanently blind and missing a beak among other numerous injuries.

A brutalized pigeon that Corbin intends to save in Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight. The steps he takes and how that is accomplished is the focus in a dark tale that does not end in the way one would expect. It is also a very disturbing one.

Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight is certainly not for everyone. Especially if violence against animals and birds bother you as the bird has a very hard go of it before and after the rescue by Corbin. Well written, this is not a tale that makes you feel good about anyone. Unlike his recently published short story, The Louisville Problem, there is no mystery at work here. Other than how do folks end up like this as adults are not present and are only vaguely referred to a couple of times. Once could make an argument that this tale has links to the Lord of the Flies albeit on a much smaller scale.

A slice of life style piece set across a few weeks, Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight: A Short Story is one of the toughest things I have read in a very long time. While it may be only thirteen pages long, this is a tale that hits with the power of a sledgehammer upside the head.

Corbin’s Dreams Take Flight: A Short Story
CS DeWildt
Ugly Dad Books
August  2018
eBook (paperback available)
13 Pages

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