Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Review: In Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Story by Linda Castillo

In Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Story is not a novel, but a short story. It is also mighty good. Released last May to boost sales for the planned release of A Gathering Of Secrets last July, it serves as a bridge between books; it is also a superb introduction for readers unfamiliar with this great series.

Kate Burkholder is Chief of Police for Painters Mill, Ohio. A four in the morning wakeup call is never a good thing and this one isn’t. A woman has arrived at a residence in the surrounding rural area. It is clear that she has been assaulted and she is terrified. What isn’t clear is who did it, what happened to her, and the identity of the suspect or suspects. The case is going to be difficult as the woman seems to have no memory of what happened and does not even know her name.

In Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Story, the focus is on Kate, the mystery woman, and the resulting very complicated investigation. While long time series characters including Agent John Tomasetti have bit role appearances here and there, the focus is on the investigation. There is also a minimum amount of backstory regarding Kate and the other principals. That fact makes the read a good candidate for those who have yet to read the series as those readers won’t get information here that ruins other reads. At the same time, series readers are not forced to go back over information already known.

In Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Story fits the current publishing model of cranking out a novella a few weeks before the new novel drops. In this case, unlike some of the other ones in this series, readers get a very good and very complicated tale worthy of the author and the series. A very good mystery novella with plenty of twists and turns, Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Story is strongly recommended.

For another take on the book, make sure you read Lesa Holstine’s review from last June.

Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Story
Linda Castillo
Minotaur Books (St. Martin’s Publishing Group)
May 2018
eBook Only
69 Pages

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