Saturday, April 17, 2021

Dallas Library Reopening

Got the official form letter from the DPL stating they plan to reopen in early May. Unlike staff that told us it was May 4rth, the letter does not specify a date. The letter includes the warning that they are going back to the pre plague criteria criteria and that I am in violation of the "no more than 100 items checked out" policy. While staff told us that were phasing this in and we had time, the letter says I am suspended immediately until I bring my account back into "good standing."

As of today, my account continues to work. They have also not checked in books that they have had for ten days now. 

Their letter also has several typos. 😆😆


Lesa said...

All in all, as I librarian, that's lousy PR. No warning, and typos! They also need to check in books. Other libraries have either dropped their quarantine, or gone to just one day.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

It really stinks PR wise. It was a weirdly worded and very aggressive letter.

Our books are supposed to be checked in five days after being placed in the outside bin. It has been more like seven and eight days at best. Which I was okay with and did not complain as I want folks safe.

Lesa said...

It does stink PR wise, Kevin, because you've now told all of us. They did a poor job with that, and they should not be sending out aggressive letters after they encouraged people to take out materials before and during the time they closed.

Jerry House said...

Oh, Kevin, you scofflaw!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Me and Jesse James.