Wednesday, May 19, 2021

News About The Private Eye Writers Bulletin Board

I saw Kevin Burton Smith post the below to one of the lists I am on. With his permission, I am posting his call here as well to help get the word out.


Speaking of getting the word out, I’m trying out something on the THRILLING DETECTIVE WEB SITE that might be of interest to some of you.


I call it THE PRIVATE EYE WRITERS BULLETIN BOARD, and I want it to be a regular posting of upcoming news from P.I. writers; a sort-of one-stop shop for P.I. news.


Got a new book? A new short story? Landed a movie deal? Let me know.


The rules are simple. Make it pithy, first person, mention the name of the P.I. and the appearance, possibly the date.


I’ll post it on the page, and tweet it and Facebook it out.


This may flop, or it may catch on. It may also be too much work, so I’d ask that you DM me on Twitter, or email me. I know a lot of you post here as well, but often I have no idea if it’s a private eye story or not. 


Several of you are already listed, in fact, but why let Libby and O’Neil have all the glory? 


Kevin Burton Smith

The Thrilling Detective Web Site

Private Eyes & Other Tough Guys and Gals

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