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Short Story Wednesday Review: Hollow Point: A Short Story by O’Neil De Noux

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As Hollow Point: A Short Story begins, it is 1984 in New Orleans and Casey Aloysius is once again the target of a manhunt by the New Orleans Police Department. Six years ago he went to prison in Angola for a raping a ten year old girl. The parole board granted his release so he got free three days ago. He came back to New Orleans and tracked down the now 16-year-old girl. Once he found her, he kidnapped her and raped her repeatedly making sure to do everything he had done before all over again. He left her barely alive, savagely beaten and abused, and chained to a wall of a garage after telling her repeatedly he was punishing her for reporting him before. If it had not been for two neighborhood boys who thought they heard a puppy whimpering and came looking she might have died there.


This is an all hands on deck situation as the police of the City of New Orleans look for Casey Aloysius. That means even the homicide unit is working the case. After briefing the officers under his command, Lieutenant Mason sends LaStanza and his partner, Jodie Kintyre, over to Mercy Hospital to get a statement from the victim. As it happens, Jodie’s mom and the mother of the victim were friends so the victim, June Holmes, remembers Jodie from the old neighborhood. Her need for vengeance is not a solitary need as soon a member of New Orleans’s finest is gunned down.


What follows is a hard-edged police procedural type short story that has occasional flashes of cynical humor. LaStanza has seen a lot in his years on the force and his internal monologue and cutting comments say as much about him as they do others. An enjoyable short story, the chase is on in Hollow Point: A Short Story by O’Neil De Noux.



Hollow Point: A Short Story

O’Neil De Noux

Big Kiss Productions

November 2016



41 Pages



Material was picked up using funds in my Amazon Associate account when the author publicized the release last month. 


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