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Scott's Take: Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Volume 2

Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Volume 2 collects several volumes of the avengers and some assorted tales. In this book, the various attacked locations on Earth are now suddenly emitting strange readings and activity. There are also new characters that may a pose a threat or may be allies. Then there is the big question of whether Namor and Black Panther can keep their people from going to war? They hate each other, but can they unite enough to stop a war?


The main focus in this volume is exploring the new heroes, introducing new ideas, and plot development. The theme remains that the universe is fundamentally broken and changed. This volume is as good as the first, but for folks that have not read the previous volume, they may be confused. Someone in editing should have created a little editor box to explain why the Hulk has a new costume and haircut. Another box should have been created to explain why Spider Man has a completely new personality. Both are reflecting events in their own series that are not addressed here and explained.


Hyperion has the best character development in my opinion. The idea of the Starbrand, which cannot be easily explained here without ruining the read, is pretty amazing. There is large variety in action and missions for the Avengers in this volume and that increases the overall mystery in the series.


In addition to increasing the mystery, there is an increase in body horror (where humans are transformed into some sort of monstrous creature and are locked into their new form with no way possible to return to human form) as well as several deaths, and a suicide. People die in horrible ways or might wish they were dead. Clearly, this is not a read for young kids and certainly not for all adult readers.


This series is continued in more volumes. I highly recommend Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Volume 2 though I believe they could have explained things better at times.


My review of Volume 1 of the series can be found here.



Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Volume 2

Jonathan Hickman  


November 2020

ISBN#: 978-1-302-92530-7

Paperback (also available in eBook format)

344 Pages 


My reading copy came from the Bachman Lake Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.


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