Sunday, December 13, 2015

Free Book Alert-- Northern Crime One: New crime stories from northern writers

 Northern Crime One: New crime stories from northern writers
Did Freda’s sister ever really forgive her?
Did the elderly couple really strike it rich?
And who’s the man behind the bunny mask?
From rural noir to urban horror, high concept drama to blunt force trauma, Moth Publishing presents its first collection of prize-winning short stories.
From the inner city to the shires, Santander to Stratford, these northern writers know where the bodies are buried.
With contributions by Karon Alderman, Pat Black, Lynne M Blackwell, Ben Borland, Michael Connon, Adrian Fayter, BLJ Langham, Danny Marshall, Kathleen Mckay, Tom Moody, Emma Oxley, Pam Plumb, Basil Ransome-Davies, Alex Reece Abbott, Martin Robins, Nick Triplow, Betty Weiner, Belinda Weir, MJ Wesolowski and Sue Wilsea.

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