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RTE Update

The December 12, 2015  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:


Karin Salvalaggio in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

A CHRISTMAS ESCAPE    Anne Perry     Reviewed by Lourdes Venard   
Charles Latterly escapes to an Italian island for the Christmas holidays, but finds no solace there as another British guest is killed

BLOOD, SALT, WATER    Denise Mina    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein       
Against the background of the campaign for Scottish independence, Alex Morrow investigates the disappearance of a rich Spanish businesswoman, revealing connections to other crimes in a wealthy town near Glasgow.

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY    Michael Stanley    Reviewed by Barbara Fister
When Kubu's elderly father is murdered he wants justice, but is frustrated to be pulled off the case to investigate the questionable suicide of a government official.

THE WOMAN WHO WALKED IN SUNSHINE  Alexander McCall Smith Reviewed by Nicole Leclerc
While Mma Ramotswa is away on her first ever vacation, a touchy, complicated case concerning the honour of a deceased politician is brought to the detective agency. Will Mma Kakutsi be able to cope with it? Will Mma Ramotswe be able to stay clear of it?

TIGHTROPE    Simon Mawer    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein           
Imprisoned in Ravensbrück after her capture as an agent of the Resistance, Marian Sutro attempts to reconstruct her broken identity after her release, with an equivocal degree of success.

EVERYTHING SHE FORGOT    Lisa Ballantyne    Reviewed by Christine Zibas   
Margaret Holloway finds herself suddenly in the middle of one of the worst vehicle accidents in British history. Trapped in a car that's about to explode, she is saved by a mysterious figure risks his own life but why is that setting off alarm bells?

THE MISTAKE I MADE    Paula Daly     Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
A desperate woman makes a choice to sleep with the wrong man for money, and her life spirals out of control

NOT A CLUE    Janet Brons     Reviewed by Cathy Downs           
While Liz Forsyth battles both a series of assassinations during a howling snowstorm, Stephen Hay realizes that there is a pattern to the murders of young and obese women who stay in youth hostels.

GBH          Ted Lewis          Reviewed by Jim Napier           
An undertaker's life goes comically awry when a body goes missing, and he becomes involved in two deaths in a matter of hours, one putting him at odds with a local gangster.

CAREER OF EVIL    Robert Galbraith    Reviewed by Karen Chisholm   
In this third Cormoran Strike novel, the detective is confronted by a series of increasingly brutal crimes.

THE KILLING KIND (Audio)    Chris Holm     Reviewed by Karla Jay       
Presumed dead, Michael Hendricks, a hitman who assassinates other hitmen, finds himself in turn pursued by law enforcement and someone out to eliminate him.

STILL NIGHT IN L.A.    Aram Saroyan    Reviewed by Ben Neal       
A troubled LA-based PI tries to solve the murder of a client.

THE SCRIBE    Matthew Guinn    Reviewed by PJ Coldren       
Disgraced detective Thomas Canby is called back to Atlanta to work with the first African American policeman in order to find the serial killer whose victims are also African American.

THE ANGEL OF HIGHGATE    Vaughn Entwistle     Reviewed by Meredith Frazier
Lord Geoffrey Thraxton prides himself on being the "wickedest man in London," but when he and his friend Algernon cross Doctor Garrette, Mordecai Fowler and his friend Mr. Pierce, and the rest of Victorian London's underworld, they soon discover that true wickedness is something far worse than Thraxton has ever practiced
THE GOLEM OF PARIS    Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman Reviewed by Anne Corey   
Because LA detective Jacob Lev is the love object of a powerful supernatural creature, members of a part-human group who want to kill this being shadow him as he investigates a gruesome crime from the past that may have some connection to Jacob’s traumatized mother.

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