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Crime Review Update

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Jeff Gulvin in the Countdown hot seat.
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This week’s reviews are:
WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVER by Peter Robinson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Newly-promoted Det Supt Alan Banks is landed with a cold case from 50 years
back where it’s alleged a TV personality assaulted young female fans.

BEFORE THE FALL by Noah Hawley, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When a private jet goes down, painter Scott and a young boy are the only
ones who survive. Several of the passengers had serious enemies – was it

A FINE LINE by Gianrico Carafiglio, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Guido Guerrieri is a defence lawyer working in Bari, southern Italy. Having
just completed a successful appeal on behalf of a man accused of sexual
assault, he receives a telephone call from a judge requesting his help.

THE HOTEL OF THE THREE ROSES by Augusto De Angelis, reviewed by John Cleal
Commissario Carlo De Vincenzi receives an anonymous tip that a crime is to
be committed at a louche hotel.

STREETS OF DARKNESS by AA Dhand, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
DI Harry Virdee has been suspended from duty, but he goes solo to track
down the killer of a Bradford VIP.

THE PRIMROSE PATH by Rebecca Griffiths, reviewed by John Barnbrook
Rachel has moved to a small Welsh community to escape her past life.
Unfortunately her past is not keen to let her go and not all is as it
appears on first encounter

GOODBYE TO THE DEAD by Brian Freeman, reviewed by John Cleal
Lieutenant Stride is investigating a street killing, and discovers a link
to a murder in which he found himself on the opposite side to his late wife
years before.

DEATH ZONES by Simon Pasternak, reviewed by Chris Roberts
In Belorussia in July 1943, a few hundred miles west of the advancing
Russians, a German general is killed by partisans. Oberleutnant Heinrich
Hoffman is pressed to find the man responsible.ALONE WITH THE DEAD by James Nally, reviewed by Linda Wilson.
Rookie PC Donal Lynch is one of the first on the scene of a brutal murder.
The investigation quickly stalls, but the murdered woman herself is
determined to make sure her case isn’t forgotten.

HIDDEN by Emma Kavanagh, reviewed by John Cleal
A gunman stalks the wards of a hospital. Two members of a police firearms
unit assigned to find him are recently reinstated after being investigated
for shooting a teenage boy. The third has his own problems. As the stress
mounts, death is only the pull of a trigger away.

THE CHOSEN by Kristina Ohlsson, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
The terrifying Paper Boy arrives at night, carefully chooses his victims,
mostly children, and disappears. Later the mutilated bodies are found with
paper bags on their heads. Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht have to stop him
from claiming more lives.

THE FIXER by Joseph Finder, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Rick Hoffman’s discovery of a fortune in cash concealed in his father’s old
study leads him to an investigation of corruption and a rethink of his own

THE LONELINESS OF DISTANT BEINGS by Kate Ling, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Life aboard the First Contact Vessel Ventura is regimented in all respects.
The system has no place for teenage rebels, as Seren soon finds out.

THE INCORRUPTIBLES by John Hornor Jacobs, reviewed by John Cleal
Army scouts Fisk and Shoe are assigned to guide a Senator on a hunting
trip, but face supernatural as well as human enemies.

THE AMERICAN by Nadia Dalbuono, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan
A body is found hanging under the Ponte Sant’Angelo. Who is he and why are
there similarities to the death of Roberto Calvi all those years ago?
Inspector Scamarcio has his work cut out to solve this one.

DEAD OF WINTER by Gerri Brightwell, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Mike Fisher is a taxi driver with little going for him, but when his
daughter disappears, rescuing her becomes a motivating preoccupation.

A MAN OF SOME REPUTE by Elizabeth Edmondson, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Hugo Hawksworth of the intelligence services is given a desk job following
an injury sustained in the field. His boss arranges for him to be
accommodated in Selchester Castle, from which Lord Selchester had
mysteriously disappeared six years earlier.

SONGS ABOUT A GIRL by Chris Russell, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Fifteen-year-old Charlie Bloom’s life is turned upside down when she’s
asked to take a series of backstage photos of the latest boyband
phenomenon, Fire&Lights.

DEATH OF A SCHOLAR by Susanna Gregory, reviewed by John Cleal
Once again Cambridge is full of murdered clerics and scholars.
Physician/detective Matthew Bartholomew and Brother Michael must sort out
their latest mystery.

HEAVEN SENT (audiobook) by Meg Cabot, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Paul Slater is determined to change the past and make sure that Suze and
her boyfriend Jesse never meet. Suze is equally determined to stop him.

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