Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Medical Update

It was a long morning at the hospital. We got behind at the radiation deal and that cascaded everything backwards. But, we are finally home.

Radiation  went okay once they got things working and going. Sandi has four more treatments and that will be it.

Sandi's blood work seemed to be okay. They are double checking a couple of things as they seem a little too good to be true. But, if the results are confirmed things look amazingly good blood wise.

Doctor was pleased about how she is doing.  The current plan is for her to come back in three weeks and do the usual visit. At that point and after consulting with the radiation doctor they will have an idea as to how we go forward. Indications right now are that an MRI will be done in very late August or early September so they can measure the tumor in her spinal area and see if it has shrunk like it was supposed to do. After that is done what we do next will be determined.

So, all we know for sure is once the radiation is done we should have a couple of weeks break from going down to the hospital and doing anything. That will be nice.

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Maureen Harrington said...

Fingers crossed that the good possibilities are good. Best to you both.