Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sandi Update-- Sunday

Spent about an hour with her this afternoon and then came home as she was worried about me and I wanted her to sleep. She is having severe abdominal pain and some off and on nausea. In all likelihood, this is a liver issue and most likely means it is damaged to some extent. Right now they just don't know. Liver enzyme tests are being run and an abdominal CT is planned.

They are trying to manage her pain with small doses of morphine. She is very pale and shaky and clearly is feeling about as bad as I have ever seen her when she wasn't in ICU. Her main cancer doctor has been in and Sandi says he told her she will be in the hospital at least a week more. He has no plans at all to restart chemo. He is much more worried about her current situation and what was done to her by the hospital error. The current plan is to wait three more days and then run the blood dialysis machine on her again and try to pull more of the bad crap out of her. Running it everyday--as planned yesterday--is now thought to be too dangerous and counter productive.

Sandi says he told her that he thinks he can manage the liver problem, if there is one, and thinks there could be other reasons for the pain/nausea she is feeling. It easily could be the liver, but supposedly it just as easily could be something else after all she has been through and all the drugs they have pumped through her. She says she was told to tell her husband not to freak out. Easier said than done.

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Bill Crider said...

Go ahead and freak out. Who could blame you? This must be almost too much for either of you to bear.