Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sandi Update---Tuesday

After a car load over to the house and doing a little bit over there, Scott and I went to see Sandi at the hospital. She was sitting up and eating a small lunch. Hopefully, this works as she has not eaten in about three days. She also was somewhat out of it. As we hung out with her over about 40 minutes it was clear she was fading and needed to get back in bed.

They have held back one of the drugs they were using on her to flush her system and that seems to have helped cut down on her pain and nausea. She is still very pale, very shaky, and clearly was having issues focusing on us, but at least she was sitting up and eating a little bit. We will take a positive sign when we can get them.


Bill Crider said...

I know what you mean. Hang onto anything that's a plus, and this does sound like an improvement.

Carol N Wong said...

Sorry that she is in such a bad way. Hope that she feels a little better tomorrow.

Jerry House said...

Every positive bit helps.