Sunday, July 01, 2018

Kystal Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

I will spare you the details of this latest blow here, only to say in a manner of just a few hours today she became very sick. It was clear something very bad was happening and happening very fast. We took her to a nearby emergency vet where it was very quickly determined that her kidneys were as close to failing as they could be. Not just her kidneys, but other organs as well. Nothing could be done for her. We made the decision to do what was best for her and to end her obvious suffering. That was accomplished just before 6:30 this evening.

This is devastating for both Scott and I, but worse for him. Years ago, when Sandi was first diagnosed, she and Scott picked this cat out. She was a rescue from the City of Plano Animal Shelter.  She was very skittish around people, but her and Scott connected within seconds astounding the shelter staff. Sandi later said to both of us that she wanted Scott to have something to love and a buddy after she was gone so he would not feel so alone.

Krystal was supposed to be here long after Sandi passed and to help him with the grieving process. She did and to a certain extent she helped me too. Sandi loved that cat tremendously and was able to hold her just before she passed.

Now this has happened. Another thing that wasn't supposed to happen anytime soon.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry.

Kaye George said...

I'm so sorry, Kevin and Scott.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you both. It has been very hard and continues to be so.