Monday, July 02, 2018

RTE Update

The June 30 2018 issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as 
well as a new interview:

Bill Rapp in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:


SAFE HOUSES Dan Fesperman Reviewed by Barbara Fister

THE WORD IS MURDER Anthony Horowitz Reviewed by Yvonne Klein

THE HELLFIRE CLUB Jake Tapper Reviewed by Jim Napier

BEARSKIN James A. McLaughlin Reviewed by Sharon Mensing

THE RUNAWAYS Sonya Terjanian Reviewed by Larissa Kyser

OUR KIND OF CRUELTY Araminta Hall Reviewed by Yvonne Klein

OVERKILL Ted Bell Reviewed by Susan Hoover

CULT X Fuminori Nakamura Reviewed by Nicola Nixon

THE BODY IN THE BALLROOM R.J. Koreto Reviewed by Lourdes Venard

A MURDER TO DIE FOR Stevyn Colgan Reviewed by Meredith Frazier

GENTLEMEN FORMERLY DRESSED Sulari Gentill Reviewed by Cathy Downs

MURDER TO THE METAL Annie Hogsett Reviewed by Diana Borse

CRIME & PUNCTUATION Kaitlyn Dunnet Reviewed by PJ Coldren

A TIDING OF MAGPIES Steve Burrows Reviewed by Caryn St Clair

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the site -- as well as a new interview with a top author every issue.

Yvonne Klein

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