Saturday, July 07, 2018

Saturdays With Kaye: Unpunished by Lisa Black

Unpunished by Lisa Black

The first thing I love about this thriller is the dedication, to the newspapers of America. I, too, would miss my morning paper if it disappeared. Unpunished is the second in a series.

The two main characters are Gardiner and Renner: Maggie Gardiner and Jack Renner, she a forensic investigator, he a law enforcement officer with a vigilante-killer streak that he keeps well concealed. But not from Maggie, who has her own secrets.

The initial crime, a copy editor at the Cleveland Herald being hung above the noisy, churning printing apparatus of the newspaper, sets the stage. The rest of the plot involves digging deep into the news business, finding out why the next murder happens, and trying to stop them before the newspaper is decimated.

If you want to read That Darkness first, it wouldn’t be amiss for a grounding for these complex, appealing characters.

Read carefully. Every page counts in this tightly plotted adventure.

Reviewed by Kaye George, author of Death on the Trek, for Suspense Magazine.

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