Saturday, September 07, 2013

A Book Well Worth Your Time--- "Bowling With The Big Dogs" by Tim Matson

Back during the summer I was asked to take a look at Tim Matson's Bowling With The Big Dogs and provide some editorial guidance. I did and enjoyed the book immensely. I made a few suggestions, but the book was very good as it was. The book is now out and you can find it on Amazon here for $2.99. Amazon synopsis:

"The often sarcastic Moon Mullen isn't your average overweight detective who drinks to forget the past. Not that Moon Mullen doesn't drink--- he does and is very good at it. But, instead of drinking to forget, Moon Mullen does it to control the voices in his head because he hears thoughts and emotions. Being psychic has advantages in the detective business, but Moon Mullen's gift can be a curse as it is anything but consistent. A warped sense of humor allows him to survive, and a drive to catch a serial killer threatening his small Minnesota town gives Moon a chance to bring justice to the people in his past."
Obviously, because I worked on this book a little bit, I won't be able to review it. I have their weird idea that if one is the publisher (I am not) or did any editing work on a book (I did), one should not review it. I know such an idea is seen as antiquated by some, but, that is what I believe. When I review a book, I read the whole book and am objective as possible about the work.

All that being said---I simply LOVED this book. It ranks up there in my top five of the year as I think it is an incredible read. In my opinion, the synopsis above does not remotely do this complicated read justice. The language and the violence is occasionally graphic, the characters are fully formed and complicated human beings, and the tale told within has plenty of twists and turns until the final violent confrontation.If you like twisted humor there is plenty of that as well in Bowling With The Big Dogs.

Simply put--the book is incredibly good and VERY well worth your time.

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